She saw the disparity between the way prostitutes were treated and had to refresh her mind as to why that was. So many reasons, but it often was closely linked to how women and children in general were treated. And the vilification of sexuality. Instead of seeing it as a natural function, they treated it as a dirty thing. Too bad, really.
Some of the whores were given religious status as elders of the temples. So their wealth was aligned with that of the community and the temple.
Some were the consorts of the wealthy and powerful. So they were kitted out to match their suitors.
And some became saloon keepers and small business owners. Treated much like any other service/servant of the people.
The dregs were the streetwalkers. They were preyed on by criminals and police. Shunned by the temple goers and local people as eye sores. They were the trash. Yet they had no measurable difference between them and any other whore. Just money, maybe? Perhaps hygiene as well? Whether cleanliness or health status.
All the whores did the same things. Provided companionship and sexual acts for single people and unhappily married ones or travelers. Became in many ways their therapists and friends. Even their priests in some cultures.
On the dark side, they gave them diseases, they blackmailed and stole from their customers. had children that challenged inheritance laws, had abortions and still births and were murder and rape victims. Gangs used them to build clientele and connections along with drugs and weapons.
But their biggest predator was their pimp. They controlled their whores and stole everything from them. They beat them and turned them into drug addicts and even murdered them and their babies. You could tell how the whores were treated by mgmt by the number of grave sites beside the whorehouse. It was a struggle for her to stay on these sites and not break down. Such a waste.


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