the return

She had spent a year in another time, looking at their institutions and positing what their life was like.
Each day she was able to gear her mind down and commune with her mentor in a stasis state. Both women were excited by her observations and disturbed by them also.
When they were finished collecting the data she needed for her thesis, she logged on a final time and set in motion the triggers the scientists had uploaded for her safety. She locked her feet in the stirrups, her one wrist in a brace and put the bar between her teeth, Then she cued the tape of hypnotic suggestion, took the drug cocktail and slipped her last hand in the brace she had prepared.
And she slipped into the stupor.
This dream was about her mother and father. They were walking toward her. Hand in hand. She was excited to see them and ran toward them. The scientists said they wanted her primed toward something and someone she wanted to return to. So she had suggested her parents. She would miss them after a year away.
When she woke up, the scientists were releasing her from the restraints and giving her a sip of water. She was thrilled to see her mentor in the room and as soon as she was able, she went to hug her lifeline during the journey. It had been the experience of a lifetime and everyone was so glad all had gone well with her. She was home!!


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