the lost cities

In her time, things had changed so much for the better. Yet she was told that she could not look back with arrogance. The people of earlier times had done the best they could and her time stood on their shoulders. Without those lessons, they could not have evolved as they had.
She wasn’t sure she could keep that in mind, but she promised to try.
They gave her the wonder cocktail and she fell into a stupor. They strapped her down and jammed the oral brace between her teeth. If anyone weren’t aware, she looked like she was about to be the victim of a sadist. Rather than a history student going back in time.
She had the dream they warned her about. So many students experienced weird delusions on this cocktail. But no, she got the dream.
She entered her REM state and enjoyed the fair skies and the beautiful park they keyed in to her subconscious. She walked along the trail and met her lover at the bench. He took her hand and pulled her into the bushes for their assignation. He let her hand go and she started running. He of course chased her.
She stripped her clothes off as she ran. He gained ground and tripped her to the ground. He fell on top of her, unzipped his pants and mounted her. They had wild, passionate sex there among the trees and bushes of the park
All this went on in her head while she was being prepared for the trip to another time. They needed her in an aroused state so she was physically able to endure the trip.
Her body fell through time as her mind was wrapped in the safety of the dream…


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