She had been told what to expect by the historian in her time. But it wasn’t the same as seeing it. So much superstition around her. Such odd beliefs. For someone who had been raised with pure science and advanced technology as the only social models, it was just weird.
Fertility- How could an idol help you get pregnant if you chanted to it and rubbed it’s belly or grotesque gender bits? They looked like a 13 year old boy with no understanding of anatomy had made them.
Death- How could a soul with no arms or legs carry their favourite possessions between worlds? All these totems and wards… How did they figure they had any impact on another world? And really? What slave would serve their master eternally? Mind you, they seemed well able to preserve the bodies, despite having limited resources then. She would be passing that on.
Mystery- How did all these omens and star charts actually predict their lives? So many gods, devils, angels and guardians. So many histories and geneologies. Who made them up?
Why would the people live in poverty to keep these temples and icons in good repair? Not only in their common temples, but on their home mantels as well. And she saw how many people died raising the ornate temples. It boggled her mind. For some spirit world they had no proof existed. For some god or goddess who didn’t seem to be improving any of the common people’s lives. For the fear that if they did not, life would be worse for them and they would be punished in the after life.
God and goddesses everywhere.. for the home, the garden, the field, the city, the rulers were sired by the gods. Usually due to a human mother being raped or seduced by a god’s false promises and lies.
Empires built and fallen based on the assumption that their gods were the penultimate power and wisdom of the spirit world and they needed to spread the gospel of the divine to others. To enslave those who refused to believe, until their children or grandchildren accepted their captors beliefs. To wipe out entire cultures and even peoples based on this delusion.
To go to war and be maimed, tortured and enslaved for something they could never prove.
She had been upset when the historian had told her this. But here in a city with so much evidence of death and destruction due to this mass belief, she sat on the ground and keened for the poor souls who were tortured and maimed in the name of these idols.
To have lived and died under such stringent roles. To allow their bodies and their children’s to be mutilated and punished in the name of something they would never see. Based on fear and ignorance. It broke her heart.


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