money lenders

She was overwhelmed by the so-called civilization of past eras. But the worst to her were the money lenders.
They set out to steal from those who had nothing. To chip away at their self worth, To make them put money at the top of their thoughts. Like it was a god. They chased after it, they spent more time with it than even their spouse or child. Their sense of priorities was askew. For something so transitional. Something probably created by the devil, if there was one.
The design of credit by card, by pawn, or by mortgage. Then there were liens on goods and homes, till they were removed for non payment. No matter how much had been paid for, they lost everything. With no return. There was also servitude/indenture. Where the person in debt would be in a form of slavery to pay off their debt.
There were horrible work houses as well. Entire families would be basically incarcerated to pay off even a few dollars. And they had nothing for themselves. Not even the clothes on their back.
And even the slightest thing piled more debt on them. The mountain seemed higher than they could climb. To some it was. Debt was inked to shame and to some that was a life threatening condition. Whether by health, addictions or suicide. They died due to their feeling of shame.
Battery, addictions, incest and neglect in families rose when they were in debt. Poverty was a beast. It brought shame and rage with it. Crime in families was primary and debt brought it about. The only comparable thing that caused the same family issues was the inbreeding of the ultra rich and monarchy. The fragile mind of the sociopath was said to come from this inbreeding.
Some also went into prostitution to pay off their debts. Sooner than face their families and neighbours with the truth. It was a dirty business. One she was so glad had been destroyed in her time. Never again would families face this horror.

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