She could tell how technology and warfare had affected a region more by their libraries than any other building or institution in the cities she looked at. The material the "paper" and book covers were made of, the subjects allowed, the transition between scrolls, media and books. The separation between pop culture and resource material. In the quest for truth, many "civilizations" discounted the voice of the people. The zeitgeist was only relevant after centuries it appeared.
In her time, the government had learned how valuable the people’s voice was. There was a theory that the internet had changed many things in that respect. Anything from news to art had been available to the masses. And most of them had used it well. Those who hadn’t had nefarious reasons. Some vice they wished to exploit, some habit they wished to hide.
With religions being disbanded as the greedy enterprises they were, it really changes this perspective. It became more about what the local village would condone again, rather than some lofty, unreachable ideals. It also vastly reduced government influence and frankly the expense of the beast as well. The local mindset became the most significant influence again. At least for day to day.
Not everything global was tossed out, but the power at that level was gone.
And in this moment of standing here in another time, she knew why things had changed. The people had rebelled quietly until they had finally erupted and revolted. They were led by the artists, not the priests, businesses or warriors.
The governments of the world would never again forget that they served the people, not the other way around. That change evoked a mindshift that revised many things. But the biggest change of putting control back into the hands of the people were the crime, addiction and suicide rates. People felt freer, more autonomous, and they were working for themselves again. Not paying out as much as 3/4 of their years’ wages to nameless, faceless institutions. Greedy, blood sucking institutions. That had been soul destroying.


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