the dark side

Evil comes in many forms. But mostly it begins with something attractive, something you can relate to. Something you have an interest in. Then it takes over your mind and overpowers your will. It lies to you, manipulates you and it seduces you with promises of power, glory,… YOUR WISH FULFILLED.
It comes at your darkest hour and promises you freedom from whatever is oppressing you. And it tells you you are right, true, … anything you want to hear at that moment.
And when it has you in it’s clutches, it tells you that you cannot change, you cannot be forgiven. You are evil now, just as bad as them.
If you do get free, it chases you with reminders of the good feelings at the beginning and all the bad acts you have done.
Evil is built on deception and confusion.
It succeeds by slowly taking over your life, your mind, and your relationships. But it begins with a whisper from a friend.
There’s a saying that evil’s best victory is that it convinces you the devil doesn’t exist. Perhaps so, but maybe it does that by convincing you that YOU are the devil.

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