the cleansing

The purpose of the spells is to ask for prosperity, protection and to purify the space. To re-sanctify the site.

They found the forsaken temple on a small island. It was well built and that was the only reason it still stood. After all, the weather there was gruesome. It had been de-consecrated obviously, as the cross was removed and the altar as well. No icons remained either. As they walked around, they discussed how many pagan temples had been taken over by the Christian church and suddenly it dawned on them… they could reclaim this one!
The gargoyles were all still flawless, as if someone cared for them. The walls and roof were intact and it was obviously a very well built site. It would be beautiful for their group.
They gathered the group and talked about buying the island so they could have the temple for their rites. Everyone agreed.
The day came when their plotting and planning came to fruition. The temple was theirs!! Pagan again.
The three priestesses gathered their tools and met at the temple to perform the incantations to renew the spirit of the place. And to awake the gargoyles …
Back to the old ways.

Goddess hear us,
We call down your blessings on us and this temple.
We ask that you help us return this temple to the old ones.
We promise you to use it for good craft and healing.
Blessed be.

They put crystals in all the corners and smudged the complete area. They piled a few stones in the center and burned incense. They poured wine on the stones and broke a loaf of bread over the stones as well.

Goddess see us,
We give succor to the gods and goddesses.
We recognize the old traditions in worship of the earth and nature’s laws.
And we ask for guidance in our journey and worship.
Blessed be.

They chopped some herbs and ground them and prepared the bags. Then hid them among the stones.

Goddess we beseech you,
for prosperity of our people and cause
for purity of this temple and our souls
and for protection of this land and all it’s inhabitants
Blessed be.

They could feel the energy of the place changing around them.

Goddess at the waning of the moon, we come to thee
Knowing you see all.
We ask for your guidance and power.

Raise the walls, cover the roof, defend your people.
Goddess we ask this of thee
Blessed be.

They performed these rituals on the wane of three moons. Then thanked the goddess … and waited.

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