the gargoyles were meant to have a twofold purpose. To be waterspouts, architecturally. And to be guardians against evil.
Each animal had a specific purpose. A specific deadly sin to ward against.

Pride – lion
Envy – snake
Wrath/anger – wild boar
Gluttony – bear
Lust – goat
Sloth – monkey
Greed – dog
and the Eagle was the dragonslayer.

The Prowl –

As the sun sets, the guardians awaken to begin their walk or flight through the site and it’s local villages. To check for people and businesses who push the edges of what is true and right. To guide the faithless back to the light. But most of all to bear witness, when the demons and imps make a conquest or set their eyes on a new target for sin’s delight.
The guardians cannot stop the people from their choice, given free will. But they can tell them what they risk, what they give up if they chose the darkest soul of night.
Perhaps it’s enough to remind them that the battle between light and darkness is better left to the divine.
The sins are the separations between human and divine. The exaggerations that are built by fear and hurt. According to science, symptoms of mental defect or disease. According to religion, signs of the devil’s hold on humanity. Yet the exact same emotions and behaviours. The exact same failure to bond with their gods, culture, community and family. The loss of self to obsessions and impulse control issues. The same fragile soul.

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