your mate

Sent: Thursday, February 25, 2016
Subject: your mate

What is your sexual mate’s age? Who is your sexual mate?

Journal Entry | 1 Loves It | 6 minutes ago

It could be chronological

the same number or within a 5-10 year variance up or down

it could be health and fitness

you are able to endure the same lifestyle and enjoy it without hardship

it could be experiential

you grew up in the same area, era and have knowledge of the same media and it’s emotional impact on you and your peers.

it could be political (ie social changes like feminism, the hippie era…)

you were shaped by the changes in humanity around you

it could be cultural or religious

where you define gender and sexuality as the community’s definition you grew up in and they share it as well.

it could be racial

where you have an attraction to the same or different race than you are

it could be gender specific

where you have an attraction/sympatico with someone who is like/opposite to you (not necessarily in the body, but also the soul)


it could be your fixation

when you were damaged by horror, fear or pain and have yet to mature beyond that. Where PTSD became your way of life, rather than healthful growth.

or some weird mix of some or all of the above. Or who happens to be near you when you are horny or high.

Do you know when it becomes sick?
When you aren’t the one in control of it.
When your partner cannot consent due to illness, injury, coercion/force or being inebriated.

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