good touch bad touch

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Subject: good touch bad touch

Good touch/bad touch

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I learned this lesson years ago when reading a series of books that were written on behalf of child survivors with the aim of teaching children how to protect themselves when an adult isn’t around that they trust.

good social touch

You can put a loose hand on someone’s shoulder, the top of their head. Some say you can give them a one arm shoulder hug. You can kiss someone on the cheek (like you would your grandma). You can pat them on the upper back gently. If you are sitting and facing them, you can pat their hand. You can offer your open hand to them to be shaken or held but can’t grasp theirs.

bad social touch

Anything that encloses them or overpowers them or puts a sexual context to a non-sexual relationship.
Any thing else requires consent and/or a sexual relationship


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