more on consent

Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2016 at 7:18 PM
Subject: more on consent

add on: recently I have been running into women on a rampage about this issue. I have been asked if I’m trolling. Here they can’t kick me out. It’s my journal. so I have some questions for women:

A) must we continue to live in a world where we are the oppressed, weak, helpless, fragile, victim? Against the big bad man? Or can we take ownership of our own choices, experience and bodies? Ever?

B) Is there a world in which we can discuss things about feminism and consent without getting into a frenzy of emotion over it? So we can talk it thru for the purpose of change? Improvement?

C) Can we ever say that we are the ones in charge of our own destiny? That we need to teach people how to treat us by the choices we make? That we are penultimately in charge of seeing to our own safety and mental, physical and sexual well being? That we have to walk thru life knowing that not every situation or place or person has our interests at heart and perhaps we really should not be there? (P R I C K)

D) Why is our destiny always left in the hands of the emotional and tea and sympathy the only place that serves us and the few who wish to move past that ostracized for saying ok where were you in this? What can you do to improve your self? How do you protect yourself so this doesn’t occur again? (Martial arts, filing a complaint, therapy… ) When do you get out of your puddle and help yourself rise up?

E) Esp in bdsm, but in any relationship, if you have no relationship of trust and respect with a man, what are you doing giving him your body?? Why are you alone, tied up with him as your sole means of support and safety? How does that seem ok to you??

F) Yes men really do need to look at their behaviours and grow up, but I think so do women. Why is that the irrational voice in these discussions? Pffft.

Some of you know I’ve been a victim of brutality also. I’m saying this to encourage change. How do we make men take notice that they just can’t DO shit like this to us?? As we are now, they get away with it, so I want to see genuine discussion. Even if it hurts feelings.
I’m not suggesting purdah but how is it ok for yourself and every other woman for you to walk down the street in your bra and panties?? I mean really?? When do we look at what we can do to change the way we are treated??


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