take on the future

Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2016 at 2:29 PM
Subject: take on the future

Take on the future

MsPeachieRocks: 17 minutes ago | report

To reiterate my position since you people think you have it all down and always have:

1) the international agency is still part of the larger design. A collaberation effort to grow our human rights around the world and to educate not only ourselves but the vanilla world about what kink, fetishes are. To draw all groups working on these issues together. The only governing aspects would be showing how to and having correct definitions. No brutes show up at your door and take your toys away ever. Or incarcerate you.

2) the education would include experts doing the activities/ on line demos but the participants would be dressed and be discussing the safety aspects. So there is a clear line between the education and the idea that it would be sexualized and could be viewed as erotica and pornography. It won’t be. EVER. It will never ever show a child and an adult in a scene even for training/ education. EVER

3) There could be a self help and advocacy element to it where there are links to various agencies if someone is in crisis and needs resources.

4) There could be a child/teen interaction element where they are "taught" about their bodies and their growing selves, inside themselves and as a social being. Parents and educators would be welcome to use this program with the child/teen but it would be geared to the child/teen and grow with their age appropriate needs. There could be a FAQ element so they don’t have to look stuff up. There would absolutely be advisers.

5) At no point did I say it would go off the website. Or change my perspective about what I think bottom line the morals of the site should be. They are : know yourself and know your partner, safety first, and know your tools/before you use them on someone practice with them.

MsPeachieRocks MsPeachieRocks: 10 minutes ago | report

The change I see coming out of this that people need around the world is to grow human rights, we should have and not be denied. I would prefer it to include established and burgeoning groups from around the world including women’s rights and gay/ transgender rights. To become where possible one voice for sexual orientation and gender identity which is where I see kink (fetish, BDSM) belonging also as sexual attraction is a genetic and biological issue more than a social one. We should work together since that is medically proven to be the case.


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