Pain Pleasure

Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2016 at 2:39 PM
Subject: Pain Pleasure


by MsPeachieRocks about 2 years ago

whatever your tool, you are striving for the aim of causing someone to feel some state they are not in now..
whichever power side you are on, you want to feel the experience intimately. There are emotional, mental, physical and sexual elements to the experience as well as the dance of lovers.
How do you keep that fresh?
How do you translate what you learn in your growth to other aspects of your life in the larger world? Can you?
How do you view the world and all it’s unsolvable problems when you are as deeply invested in control as you need to be to negotiate these relationships?
How do you take your negotiating skills and use them with ppl in the larger world who aren’t your other?
Do those ppl respond when you say jump or yes sir/ma’am?
Does it seem like you have to be two ppl to live in the larger world and be who you are?


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