ideals within anarchy

Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2016 at 2:30 PM
Subject: ideals within anarchy


by MsPeachieRocks about 2 years ago

At the base of anarchy you will find the concept of free will. Of all being able to decide for themselves and determine their own lives and direction. Then you see that rights must be distributed fairly and equally between members. The people must be able to determine their own sense of morality and live by them. (Richard D. Fuerle/

There is an argument between philosophers as to whether a state is required or possible within anarchy. Robert Nozick (Harvard prof , PHD from Princeton) believed that a minimal state would be required. The purpose would be to protect the members against violence and theft and to ensure the enforcement of contracts.

The ideals would be:

The ideals would be:
to use force as defense only
to do no harm
everyone is equal in rights; consent, compromise and cooperation are key to working together
all are included; no biases such as race, gender, sexual orientation
no class system tolerated
truth is paramount/conviction necessary
individual liberty is key
that there be a free market.

How does this relate to the BDSM roles of D/s and M/s? Can it even? Yes if you believe that both members have equal roles and the relationship’s initial contract negotiation is made freely. If you believe that the contract serves both parties’ interests and sees to their safety. If you believe it is fair. Both parties must get what they need from it.

Do you have any comments or counter theories to share?

Can you see any particular aspects of BDSM that may be counter intuitive to anarchy?


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