he said she said

Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2016 at 4:32 PM
Subject: he said she said

he said, she said.

by MsPeachieRocks almost 2 years ago

When a couple breaks up they are angry, bitter, hurt and at least part of the time hate each other. So how do you as an observer determine who is telling the truth?
There are claims suddenly that she did or he did and you have no proof that the truth is anywhere in their stories. You just know they are upset.
But then one says something you KNOW is a lie and it starts to unravel. You may not know all the details but you know they are no longer credible. They may be an "attention whore" .
Then the other person is more credible. Or maybe they are just a better liar? You still don’t know, do you?

Should you always believe the woman who cries abuse? Should you always support her even when you know she has lied to you about something there really was no need to even talk about? Should you see her destroying his character as stalking, or do you see her as the victim she professes to be?

When is it more than he said, she said to you?


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