Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2016 at 4:01 PM
Subject: cyberstalking


by MsPeachieRocks almost 2 years ago

The definition under Canadian law is using electronic devices to threaten, harass or intimidate someone. To ruin their reputation. I can’t imagine that changing much across borders. Yes jail time does come with that charge.

On the web, esp in the bdsm and fetish world and chat rooms, you have so many means to keep track of what someone is doing. If you have a web “friendship” you get notified every time they scratch their armpits.

So what turns that into cyber-stalking?

Example 1: A couple splits up and one starts telling other friends half truths and lies so they can be the victim in a divorce. Not only about the ex but they drag their friends into the dispute also. If their reputation is messed with, they get better terms in the divorce decree and possibly better custody terms.

Example 2: One person develops a crush on another and “follows” them from site to site, seeing themselves as in a relationship with them. (No I don’t mean friends) When they don’t get the reaction they want, they start making real life efforts and/or threats.

Example 3: You list the events you are attending on your bdsm profile and suddenly you notice this person who keeps bullying you on line is showing up where you said you would be. They have made on line threats.

So where is the line between harassment and normal traffic?

1) the threats
2) taking it off line
3) bad mouthing them, creating a hostile environment for them.
4) alienating the person from their support system

All are and if this is being done to you, you need to contact a lawyer and the police. DO NOT DELETE YOUR COMMUNICATIONS WITH THEM EVER!!


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