Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2016 at 2:57 PM
Subject: contracts


by MsPeachieRocks about 2 years ago

There are safe guards you should be looking for (for both parties’ sake) before you sign a contract. Even if it will never likely be upheld in court. The community will stand behind you if something goes wrong and you did all you could and can show them the terms you agreed to.

So here they are:

1) there should be a term of service. the length should be negotiable, but even with a renewal policy in place, it gives you a finite term if you aren’t happy, to see things through till it is done and you kept your word

2) there needs to be an “OUT” word for the sub/slave they can say if they feel unsafe.It would mean the contract is void once it is said.

3) there should be terms of service outlined which are discussed prior to signing and written in. Do NOT sign an open contract.

4) The sub/slave should have listed advisers. People they can go to if needing support, guidance or help.

5) Hard limits should be agreed to prior to signing. Nothing should be open ended.
Do NOT sign an open contract

6) the Dom/me or Master/Mistress should have contracted guardian/teacher responsibilities listed in the contract that they must do

7) there should be a free communication period where the sub/slave can safely and with no fear of penalty say what they need to, as long as they are properly respectful

8) there should be a no intrusion policy. Where neither party will interfere with the other’s career, reputation or family (things like black mail and timing also. You don’t go beyond your time and take from their other roles. )

Here is a link to sample contracts:

the attitude of the contract should speak about:

the sub/slave’s attitude, availability, safe words (IMO yes you should have them at least till trust is earned), rules of discipline, any special conditions (esp health needs)



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