RP -teacher’s pet, dunce or brat

The teacher’s pet gets a lot of positive attention and some responsibility in the class room as well.
The dunce gets put in the corner and ignored, and some teachers help the students ridicule them. Or they get extra help. Which can be positive attention as well.
But the brat, whenever they act up, there is some form of disciplinary action taken. Which makes it fun to watch.
It’s the moments when they vie for the teacher’s attention with pranks or outright bad behaviour. And the class is laughing at them.
Back in the day, they got more than a lecture or stay after school too. They might get a rap on the knuckles with a ruler. Or even better, a paddle on the bum or a strap.
Sometimes they were taken down to the office, but sometimes…

The teacher had had enough and strode toward the miscreant with purpose in her step. The class collectively held their breath. She reached the kid in question and the yardstick crashed across the desk so hard, it broke in half. She dragged the student to the front of the class and picked up another yard stick. The student was put across the spanking bench and his pants were pulled down.
The whole class looked on as the teacher meted out the whacks and some giggled. Some cringed.
When she was done, the teacher yanked his pants back up and handed him a tissue for his tears. "That did not have to happen, did it?"
"No ma’am," he sniffled.
"Then since I’m sure you know what I expect from you, it won’t happen again will it?"
"No ma’am" he said.
"You may go back to your seat. I’ll be talking to your parents."
"Yes ma’am". He shuffled back and gingerly sat down.


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