RP – sex therapist (or Freudian psychoanalyst :P )

No, they don’t have sex with you, that’s a surrogate. (ok in your fantasies they can)
They talk about your needs in a relationship and your health and ability to meet those needs. They talk about your fears and help you communicate as a couple. They help you try new areas of sexuality and help you refocus on sex as a priority.
They work in conjunction with your family doctor and if you do need a surrogate they can get that hooked in too. Probably not right away…
They help you negotiate with your partner too, especially when you want to try something new.
If you have health and/or mobility issues, they might suggest ways around the issue so you can still have a productive sex life.
But no doubt most of their consult appts are about a couple who have ltd time and an opposing sex drive (he likes mornings, she likes evenings).
The therapist can help with issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation as well as non-orgasmic women and pain during sex.
Some good dominatrixes know enough about sexuality to sub in for a sex therapist, but they aren’t regulated. Sex therapists are.


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