RP -role playing

Is about putting a story to your relationship, which changes the dynamic and the power structure. It gives you ideas for toys and strategies to bring in to your lovemaking. Rather than just doing the same things over and over again. So think of things like motivation (authority and power are frequently played- ie cop, nurse/doctor, teacher, military, clergy, therapist), and what that person would typically have with them and use that to create a story/script for your love play. It can have sensual (pain, pleasure, restraint, deprivation) and mental aspects/emotions.
It can also have objectification roles. Where you take on inanimate objects or lesser beings such as pet play or parent/child play. It can mean CNC play where primal and rape play, take down and capture, interrogation and torture occur as the script.
And then there is a larger role, which often exceeds the sexual relationship. This often is BDSM (bondage, dominance, sadism, service, masochism) . Where you are the dom(me) and submissive, master/mistress and slave, sadist and masochist. These relationships mean that the one person has authority over the other, varying only by focus and degree.
You could also get into sex magicks where you are focused on the higher aspects of your relationship and transcend your bodies together. Like tantric sex, yoga, meditation for lovers… Or you can get into mysticism and develop otherkin relationships.
So you don’t have to do the same thing every night. Try out role playing . Just be sure to discuss what your limits are before you engage in this. Or it can get creepy and/or abusive really quickly. It doesn’t have to be finitely scripted, but you do have to know roughly where things are headed before you begin. And of course you have to give informed consent.
The only question left will be how much sexuality you want in the scene. In theory you could conduct these scenes with no sex, but I see role playing as an extension of sex. Not a replacement.
The attached series is at times fantasy and at times a discussion. But you can still get some ideas for fantasy from them.


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