RP – priests

We’ve heard about priests who have abused their power many times. Whether they were acting as a teacher, advisor or a celebrant of their faith. What they had done was against the teaching of their temple/church. The priest was supposed to be chaste and obviously was not. That was their first error. Then they breached the trust of their parishioner. Whoever their target was, they had sinned.
And that was the individual case.
There was also the time of the inquisition. When in their examination of women suspected of being witches in league with the devil, they had sexual contact with their suspect. Even at a time when they were allowed to have wives and families, they were still inappropriate.
That negates the possibility that their chastity was the cause of their behaviour.
The church taught that sexual contact was to be by a husband and wife, for the purpose of procreation. Anything else was lustful and lust was a sin.
Back in the early days of humanity though, the priests and their supplicants had sexual contact as part of the rites of the temples. Nobody saw sin as evil or needed the priests to be chaste.
In the fertility temple, sex was done on the altar, as a celebration of life, as worship of the gods. With all of the supplicants watching and praising their zealous behaviour.


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