RP – Lady Cop Stop

He could hear the boots of the cop coming up behind him as he reached for his license and registration. So he quickly grabbed them and sat up.
He looked in the side view mirror and was surprised to see a very stunning woman there. Wow. He gulped. She was his walking, breathing fantasy.
And a cop. He rolled down the window and said "Hello, officer. Did I do something wrong?"
"License and registration, " her stern voice reached his ear and he started to squirm. Perfect. He knew what his fantasy would be tonight.
"Of course, officer!" He handed them to her. He smiled, but she maintained the stern look. Hmm officer bossy boots, was she? Little did she know, but she was turning him on. He smiled again and squirmed more.
She went back to the cruiser and checked him out, then returned. She was frowning.
"So you like speed, do you?"
He thought, "ohoh". More like officer hard ass. He might be in for a lecture.
But no, she ordered him out of the car and over to the side of her cruiser. She unlocked the back door and put cuffs on him for "his protection". She left him sitting there while she searched his car very carefully.
When she returned, she was carrying his flat mate’s overnight bag. Oh yeah!! He’d loaned the car out last week.
"Who’s bag is this? Yours, I presume?" she practically growled at him.
"No ma’am!!" he replied. He knew what was likely in the bag. His mate liked to play a bit rough, so probably a few paddles and ties. Maybe a blindfold and muzzle. "My flat mate’s ma’am," he blushed. "He borrowed my car a few days ago.
She looked him over and said, "What if I don’t believe you?" She grabbed his shirt just under the neck and closed her fist around it. Oh my, officer sadist? He kind of hoped so. He couldn’t help squirming more. He was also starting to feel aroused. She put her face in front of his and said, "I think you’re lying to me and I don’t like liars"
"No ma’am!! I’m not, I swear!" He lifted his butt a little so his pants loosened over his crotch. And started thinking about his grandma.
"If you’re not lying, why can’t you sit still?" She tapped his nose.
"Um I’m nervous and my pants were too snug so I moved to loosen them ma’am." Truth was good. Truth was excellent.
She glanced down at his lap and saw why his pants might be snug. He was at least half erect. She looked back into his eyes and blinked. He blushed. She said, "I see…"
She stepped back from the car and told him to get out. She gave him a hand to keep his balance. She shoved him against the car and told him to spread his legs and bend his knees slightly. Then she patted him down, including between his legs. That did it for him. No more half way for him, he was now fully erect. He and his girlfriend had role played a pat down a few times, though usually he was the one giving it. The officer pushed him back into the car. She noticed his state and blinked again. And of course, he blushed.
"Do you want to stick to your story, mister?"
"Yes, officer, I do. I’m telling the truth."
"I still don’t believe you and I really don’t like liars."
Oh, he gulped. Was it possible he would be arrested? Taken to the station?
She pulled a few things out of the bag and started breathing a bit faster. Oh gawd! What was his flat mate into?? A rope, some needles. a knife, some dildos … Now he was dying of embarrassment. "It’s really not mine!"
"Why do you need a flat mate at your age anyway?"
"I’m, paying off student loans and want to save some money so I can travel a bit this summer. Honest!"
"Hmm maybe…" she looked deep into his eyes. "I’ve noticed that when people say honest, they hardly ever are though."
He could see her wheels turning. She looked at his mate’s bag and her eyes lit up. "Ok, I’ll offer you a deal. I can either take you to the station and process you, which means you’ll beheld over night. It’s too late for the judges tonight after all. Or I can use my night stick on your bum to flog you."
While she was waiting for his decision, she took pictures of his mate’s bag’s contents. OMG she was serious!! So on one hand, he could go to the judge and say gee it’s my mate’s, your honour. His mate might stand up for him, but then he’d be in trouble. Or he could take what would probably be little more than a spanking. She wouldn’t be that strong, would she?
"I’ll take the flogging, officer." he said.
She grinned. And he thought ohoh!! Yep she was going to make it hurt. OOPS!! Well, better than a record for either him or his mate.
So he braced himself for the pain.
She told him to get out of the car and kneel beside it. Then he was told to open his pants and drop them to his knees and lean over the seat of the car.
When he was in position, she ran her night stick over his bum a few times. "I think 10 flogs is good considering you lied to me. And then there’s what you have in the bag…."
The first one landed across his butt cheeks and he yelped, more in surprise than pain. Over the course of the 10 though, the pain grew and the surprise did not obviously. Finally, the last one landed. He could feel tears on his cheeks and his penis was dribbling down his thigh. He was beet red with embarrassment as well.
Without saying anything further to him, she unlocked the cuffs and helped him stand and pull up his pants. He was shaking a lot. She helped him to his car and then walked back to the cruiser, got in and left the scene.
He sat there stunned, running over what had happened over and over. He started to play with himself then got serious about it. He masturbated, until he came. He was glad none spilled out of his hand. He borrowed a towel out of his mate’s bag and laughed. Well his friend had begun all of this so he could do the laundry.
A moment later, he left for home. Not 100% certain the whole thing had happened. Then he would shift his butt and oh yeah. His soreness told him it had. And he grinned. He would have to try this again sometime.


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