RP – boot camp

Is it the uniform that turns you on?
Or the thought of being screamed at and humiliated while you do hard physical tasks? Is it about someone pushing you past your endurance till you have no breath left? Or someone breaking you so they can take control of every part of you? The way you dress, cut your hair, what you eat, where you sleep, how you spend your time and even your core morality. They will teach you to take a gun or a knife and kill someone. Some even teach you how with your bare hands.
If you break a rule, you will be given demeaning, mundane tasks like peeling potatoes or cleaning the bathroom. Or if it’s bad enough, you’ll be put in a cell or face trial and possibly be court martialed. Basically, for the duration of boot camp, they own you. If you make it thru, you can rise thru the ranks as a soldier.
Or maybe it’s the intimacy of being corralled with 12 of your peers while you eat, sleep, shower and shave. Usually 18-25 year olds in their sexual prime. Mind you, they do tire them out…
It’s purpose is to save money of course, but it’s also meant to build trust. These are the people who you will live or die with in the trenches. Whether or not you like them, you are supposed to trust them.
Being humans, it doesn’t always work out.
Some of the command are power junkies. Some of the intimacy produces rage and some produces sexual intimacy rather than psychological. Though it’s not supposed to. No matter how much they punish and educate, those things still occur.
Then there’s the hazing. They pick one of the crew who seems a bit behind and razz them till they break or buck up. Most buck up.
But when the training fails, it fails gloriously and at the expense of lives.
There have been some changes in the military. And a bit of a focal shift for the better. They don’t seem to be trying to create grunts. Now they actually seem to encourage brains and diversity. So I guess we wait and see where it goes.


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