white devil

mayflower 1620 new england
cabot 1497 newfoundland
columbus 1492 – carribbean
viking L’anse aux Meadows village in Newfoundland, Greenland and Iceland 1000 AD
french, english and spanish territory
Canadian amerindian settlements

There is a story of a white devil who will come again to the amerindians, and when he returns he will destroy their nations. So thru the centuries, the amerindians have thought the europeans were the white devil. Considering what has been done to them, by white people can you blame them?
Tuberculosis and small pox were brought over by the europeans. The amerindians had no immunity to these diseases. Many died. Was it on purpose? Did the white people know the blankets would be shrouds?
Alcohol and treated tobacco (cigarettes and cigars) were given to the amerindians which caused many deaths also. Plus many addictions and family issues. Was it done on purpose?
Then there were the reservations and the schools where children were abused and families were separated.
Some tribes were wiped off the face of the earth. Some languages and cultures were erased. Many amerindians were assimilated to the point where they lost their status as tribal members. They lived among the white people and became like them to the point where they were unwelcome among their own.
Many amerindians were incarcerated in jails and mental institutions.
There have been thousands of years of conflict between the europeans and the amerindians. No one thinks they would be wrong to call the europeans the white devil, but are they? Or is there one yet to come?


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