In theory the trixster can be any animal. It’s a common story/myth among many Indian cultures of a shapeshifter that sets out to deceive and play with the people. But the coyote seems to be a totem of this character. You can imagine him giggling over his escapades.

Coyote was feeling bored, so he went to the village to play. He warmed up by stealing the ball from a group of kids playing a foot game with it. The kids got annoyed and told him to get lost.
Then he went to a group of women and hid their herb packets as they were trying to cook the evening meal. The eldest warned the ladies the trixster was about and they hung on to the packets so he left them to see what the men were doing.
The men were making arrow heads and lures for the fish. So he stole a few knives before they caught on to him as well. Hmm Coyote thought he might want to a try new village. These people knew him too well.
So he went down the road a few miles and found a man on his own. He seemed to be meditating and there was no food near him. So Coyote thought aha vision quest. Coyote decided to play with him for a while.
He sent little creatures to scurry about and distract his attention from the spirit world. First bugs, then rodents. then reptiles, then a few beavers from the nearby dam. The man kept trying to clear his mind, but it was getting harder, since he was getting frustrated. So the man went off to walk for a while. Coyote thought he would come back later and went further down the road.
He found two lovers arguing and decided to play. He whispered jealous and possessive thoughts into their ears and for a bit the anger grew. Until the woman caught on. She told her lover, the trixster was being an instigator. So they stopped fighting and talked about a dance coming up in the next week she wanted to go to.
So Coyote moved on. He found a couple shamans discussing magick and worked a bit on their incantation memory so they had to keep starting over. After a few botched recitations, the shamans caught on to his presence and sat down to tie herb bundles instead.
Coyote moved on again.
Coyote found a young woman and midwife going thru the birthing process. When the baby was born, he started putting faces on the baby in the mother’s mind. She panicked and started to cry. The midwife kept assuring her the baby was fine. Finally the midwife caught on and shooed trixster away with a blessing over mother and child. Coyote sighed and moved on.
Coyote found a few elders discussing local events and whispered intrigues into their heads. An argument erupted and he sat to watch. He was having a good time till a shaman walked by and asked why trixster was laughing? The elders stopped and thought about the discussion and went back to the last point of logic.
Coyote was getting annoyed. Yeah he needed new stomping grounds.


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