the spider woman

She was created and asked to help build the earth and all it’s people. What a job. So first she built herself some assistants. Twin boys. She spent a bit of extra time being sure they were gorgeous and obedient. I mean who wouldn’t right?
She sent one to play in the clay and one to blow in the wind and create echoes. She also asked them to keep the world spinning on it’s axis. Soon things actually looked like someone might survive on the planet. Then she created the flora and fauna and went back to her creators and asked how she had done.
They were pleased.
That night she invited the twins to her campfire to celebrate. They ate, they drank, they sang, they danced and it was good. Life was good.
Together they watched as the creators built the people. Tribes were formed and rules and rites were given to each. They were written on their souls. The people were happy and at peace. They went forward to live in the beautiful world, knowing what their creators expected and happy to do these things. They prayed to the spirits they needed and blessed those they relied on most as their totems. The people were good stewards.
Maybe it was the fact that everything was handed to them that caused the first struggles. It wasn’t that the people didn’t do the work necessary to survive. But maybe they took it for granted?
Soon they were building more than was necessary. Soon they were fighting with each other. She heard them and went to the creators to ask what should be done with these ungrateful people.
The creators were unhappy and decided to teach the people a lesson.
They took away their deep connection with all in a clap of thunder. Now most of the people could no longer speak with the animals and plants. They had to rely on the holy few who could to translate. It was a time of great unrest. The people were sad that they had taken all they had for granted.
The creators gave them prayer and incantation as a substitute power and most of the people were satisfied with this. But a few called to her and begged for what they had back. When she said no, the people got angry with her. They spread dissent among the people. Riots and wars spread throughout the lands.
Did they really think that would please her? Shouldn’t they be trying to show they could handle what they had lost instead? Shouldn’t they be trying to earn it back? She went to the creators again and showed them what had happened.
The creators were angry and took away the power to hear the divine within the people. Only a few truly holy could hear the voices of the creators now. The people wailed at their loss. Some went mad and gnashed their teeth at the others. Some lay down and refused to do anything for themselves.
She was sad but they had brought it on themselves, so she did nothing to help them. They had to learn, but would they?
It seems not. The people built and gathered stuff to fill the hole they felt in their souls. They warred and traded without thought to the earth and it’s health. It looked like they would destroy the planet and all the gifts it contained.
She went to the creators again. They clapped their hands and all the people , except the holy ones disappeared. Things began again.
Three times this happened and she was so sad. She had hoped each time that things might be different. But they were not.
This final time, she went to the creators with her report. The creators went to clap their hands again and destroy all but the holy. But she shouted instead. The people were struck deaf and dumb. The animals raised themselves up and taught the people about gratitude and service for the good of all. Until finally the people understood, they had to be holy to gain anything.
Or they would lose it all.


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