The Joy of Gifting

We do love our visitors!!
When they come, they tell us tales of the larger world. They have things we haven’t seen or heard of before to show us. And when you see the same faces, the same tents every day for most of your life, you get sick of them. You form a love/hate relationship with them.
So we show our visitors they are appreciated. We have little gifts. Yes most of them are bowls, spearheads, and blankets. But there is a gift they like and frankly so do we. (grins)
Usually our visitors are men. It could be a hunter or fisherman who is looking for new food for a tribe that seems perpetually low on it. It could be a wandering shaman who is searching for herbs, or even on a spirit quest. Occasionally, a woman on the run comes thru, but not that often. And for her, we offer protection and support. Often she stays for a while. Some marry one of our warriors.
For the men, our maidens line up with a dish of their best cooking and a blanket they offer to share with him. For the duration of his stay. He gracefully tastes the food and strokes the blankets. But he knows if it’s just for one night, he can go hungry or uncomfortable. It’s the maiden he wants. So he picks the one who he thinks will show him a good time. Some look for a maiden who will seduce him and some look for an obedient girl who will enjoy his attention. Or at least be there with him. Traveling can be a lonely pass time.
Mostly the men are gentle lovers, but now and then we get a wanderer who is looking for adventurous, beast-like rutting. So he slaps a rump or pinches a cheek to let the maidens know this. Some of the tender girls slip away when they see these cues. Some of them step forward in earnest. Some slap him back. And look at him sternly.
It’s always interesting to watch this courting play out. Finally a maiden is picked and they adjourn to her tent. I often wonder if the food the maidens prepare is eaten immediately or after their games.
Occasionally, we chase a very harsh man off. One who has disturbed the maiden and she has run to the warriors for help. Occasionally, we have to send her or him to the shaman for poltices and healing.
But they do know that our maidens must live thru the experience and be able to work within a few days… Our village isn’t that big after all.
So far, no one has refused our gifts. And so far, we have no problem giving them


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