Star Child

The elders of the sun people had a strange occupation for day lovers. They loved to follow the stars and chart their path across the sky. Especially the one they called star child. They said it had a significant impact on the people thru time. A star did?? But ok they’re the elders.
So they told a story of the star child and we listened in awe, time and again.
The star child loved to play in the sky and his parents watched with a mix of pride and trepidation. Their wondrous child was a real risk taker and they feared for his safety. He liked to frolic near the gaseous planets and they worried that it would cause him to explode before his time. But he did seem to have a good sense of just how close he could get. So they let him play.
The people had a different sense of the story though. When the star child became warmer, due to his risk taking, the people seemed to be angrier and ready for war more. Each time without fail, the people had a conflict with their neighbours and even husbands and wives were more hostile. Really? A star caused this? Um ok, so we listened with half an ear. Like the elders were pulling our legs and we knew it. Until they reminded us that people are made of stardust and therefore we are influenced by them. No matter how often they told this story, we had this moment of doubt.
But then they showed us their star maps and the village frieze. There was the conflict with neighbours to the south, and there the ones with the west who we usually got along with as trade partners. Both times the star child had been very close to a gaseous planet and almost blew up with the heat. Star child had gone limping home to his mother and she had nursed him back to health. And no doubt scolded him.
We also saw that the water marks were different on the irrigation channels and the tree rings changed during these periods. Star child needed some discipline before he caused irreparable harm.
The elders continued the tale with the elders of an earlier time, who called to the parents of the star child for help. There was a drought and the people were losing good crops and tempers were very short.
The parents listened carefully to the elders and promised they would talk to their son about his behaviour. The parents grabbed their son and sat him down for a chat. They told him about their visitors and what was happening with the people due to his risk taking. He hung his head in shame and promised he would try harder to be good. The game he played was such fun, but he didn’t want to hurt the people for a moment’s entertainment. And for a while, he remembered. But children soon get caught up in the excitement and forget why they shouldn’t do things in their play. Star child began playing near the gaseous planets again.
The elders watched in dismay as their village was caught up in the distress again and decided if the star child’s parents couldn’t control him, they would try.
So they developed a mystical rite to control star child. They asked the warriors and maidens to dance and sing for the rite. Once they had practiced, the rite began. The maidens danced the star child’s path. But every time they got too close to a gaseous planet, the warriors would intercede and push them back to a healthier path. The maidens kept trying to take risks and the warriors blocked them. Meanwhile the elders chanted. Until the maidens learned their new path. Then the warriors sat to watch the maidens dance. It was still a glorious path full of things a curious, risk taking child would like.
The star child and his parents watched the rite and the parents were pleased with the elders’ work. The star child wondered over the little intrigues and curiousities planned in the path and decided to check them out immediately. He had a lot of fun and rarely ever came home injured or bored, so he was willing to try the elders’ path. His parent were thrilled.
The people did get along much better and the weather in their lands was much improved, so the elders considered their work done well and put away their ritual clothes and tools.
Everyone was happy to settle into the new relations. So the elders appointed one of them to watch the star child and be sure he stuck to the new path. And life was good.


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