A Silk Road Story – E gui

The myth – The creature had green/grey skin, a too small mouth to eat with, a pot belly and an insatiable hunger. It was born of the sins of greed.

The story – She worked as a bartender, so she was well familiar with gluttony and very used to men who pawed her as she tried to do her job. But this guy was beyond all that. It was like everything he saw, he wanted. And if he wanted it, he thought it should be his. So things started disappearing whenever he was around. People were starting to catch on to him though. He was the only common denominator. They were getting angry.

To save their souls, she left the bar and went upstairs to her home altar. She gathered the ingredients for a basic summoning spell and performed the incantation. Next, she performed a transmutation spell. Then she went back to the bar and put the small bag into his pocket.

He turned a little green and decided to leave for the night. And he went home.

During the night, he passed away. As his spirit transformed, he turned into the pot belly creature of the myth. Now he would live for eternity with the hunger he had begun as a human. But as this creature he could only harm the guilty. She had saved the angry people in her bar by condemning him.

By Wire and Pixels – The New Silk Road

The internet began as a place for the military to communicate with each other across sea and continent. And for reporters and artists to get their craft across seas and from behind totalitarian regimes to a place where the truth could be told instead of the hog wash told in the name of politics and money.
The video games were what helped the military practice hand to eye coordination and what helped them distance themselves from kill shots.
Slowly the secret leaked out and the internet opened up. First as a place of sin and corruption then taken over by business and leisure. And then finally education crept back into the internet.
The internet began to split into two realms. The day light version where the law was mostly abided by and the dark net. Where people could find everything they desired. Where bitcoin ruled and hackers reigned supreme.
Where greed and obsession tore at the souls of those who even knew of it’s existence. Curiousity lured many there and few came back unscathed.
Would you be found in the discussion forums called Darknet Avengers or The HUB?
Would you be found trading illicit goods in one of the major trading posts?
Would you be trying to jimmy all the back doors of power and politics?
Would you be deep in the crimes of humanity or serving their obsessions so you could profit?

Today, it’s not just the nerd or criminal who vie with the military and artist for net space. Now most children know how to traverse the internet better than their parents ever will by the time they are 5 yrs old.

Shapeshifter Detective – Parrot


Sent: Monday, January 18, 2016 at 6:23 PM
Subject: Shapeshifter Detective – Parrot
match – blackmailer to parrot

Someone was threatening to talk about someone’s personal life and my ears
perked up. Bwak!! Well that and what they wanted was jewels. I see in
colour and I love to talk. Bwak!! Ok I’ll get serious now.

Case History –
The client was a jeweler who was being blackmailed by a guy who had
managed to get pictures of the jeweler and his girlfriend. Wouldn’t be a
huge problem, except the jeweler was married. And he was asking a lot
too. So which bad guy do we go after? Well if the wife had come in, there
would be no question.
The jeweler was sure the guy would ask for more, so he came to us to
manage the case. He also had a suggestion of using fake jewels. He had
pretty good stuff, but I could tell the difference when the fake was put
beside the jewel. So it all depended on what the bad guy knew.
And how fast he wanted to sell them. And how many people he was doing the
same thing to. The jeweler had to know that or he would be the only one
giving fake jewels and that would get the bad guy pissed off.

Surveillance –
The first thing we had to know was how many people the bad guy was
blackmailing. So we followed him and started putting people into his
watering holes. Especially his local bar. Guys in their cups talk. Even
if they are criminals. Stupid, but they do.
We also had to find out what he knew about jewels. So work history,
schooling, hobbies…
And we had to find out who his associates were. Especially who would be
fencing the jewels. There had to be someone, because nobody walked around
with loose jewels to sell. Or even pawn really.
Well, the idea of the fake jewels might work. It seems the guy had a few
cheating spouses on the hook. The agency almost backed away, but cheaters
they were and yet he was the criminal. He was breaking the law.
As soon as we had the fence, we put the sting into place. The jeweler
paid the guy on a week when a few were paying so no one would know which
came from where. Hopefully.
Everything went through without a hitch, All taped too.
The back plan was that if they came back for more, the videos would be
turned over to the cops.

Follow up –
The bad guy came back for more money, so we took the videos to a cop
friend who had worked with us before on discrete cases. He watched the
fence and the bad guy and caught them exchanging the goods when an
undercover cop was their target. Busted!!

(the end of the series – Hope you enjoyed it 🙂 )


Shapeshifter Detective – Wild Boar


Sent: Monday, January 18, 2016 at 6:22 PM
Subject: Shapeshifter Detective – Wild Boar
match – drug dealer to wild boar

I was assigned to this case because many people have a love/hate/fear
relationship with boars and my behaviour is much like the people the
dealer targets. Looking for ways to sleep/relax a lot of my day, maintain
my life and scrounge for food. And in mating season, to make out like sex
is everything to us. We ladies also stick close together to raise our
kids and maybe protection. We do have predators of our own after all. It
makes us worried, maybe more than necessary. I can’t imagine people
taking advantage of that to prey on their weaknesses. It’s horrendous to
me. So I took it personally.

Case history –
The dealer was observed by the agency’s receptionist. He was seen
accepting money and giving out small packages on several occasions. She
reported his activity to the team supervisor. We got him on video easily,
but wanted to catch just him and not his prey, so we proceeded to arrange
a buy.

Surveillance –
I approached him to make contact and gain his trust. He seemed interested
in me so I flirted and captured more than his business sense. Maybe being
his girlfriend would gain more information? I asked the agency’s manager
and she agreed to let me go under cover.
Pusher and I started hanging out and canoodling. It wasn’t quite mating
season, but my hormones were starting to flare up. Meanwhile I kept my
eyes open. I was introduced to his dealers and gave their names to the
head investigator. Another team member was assigned to each as we came
across them. If we had a gang we wanted them all taken down. One of the
other pushers actually led us to the gang leader finally and we provided
all the names and places known to the cops. Our agency investigators wee
the only pusher’s contacts shown to the cops.
So the cops had to do their own surveillance. But they had a very good
place to start so they were done quickly.

Follow up –
The media attention and the trial cause quite a stir in the community and
also quite a dry spell among those who were looking to score. Rehab
services wee available to help them dry out and mange their forced
sobriety. It only worked because it was a smaller community. There really
weren’t many alternatives but sobriety for them

Shapeshifter Detective – Sperm Whale

whale-mother-and-baby-201001-2397Sent: Monday, January 18, 2016 at 6:22 PM
Subject: Shapeshifter Detective – Sperm Whale
match – petty theft/fraud to sperm whale

I was invited into this case, because I am known to let the fishermen do
my fishing, then steal their work. Sounds perfect for a theft case right?

Case history –
Our target had some machines that he scattered around to collect credit
card information, so he could skim money out of their accounts. Low
enough amounts so only the most zealous observers would notice. There are
people like that. The new style of pick pocket, I guess. This guy may
have shot himself in the foot though. He spent the money at a sex toy
shop that most of the people would not frequent. So no they had not
forgotten the debit purchase.

Surveillance –
We knew where the machines were, so we just had to catch the guy with the
key. Observation.
There was a fishmonger who was looking for a trainee across the street,
so I got the job and set a camera up in the window, for when I didn’t
have eyes on the kiosk. I checked the feed every hour on the hour, as
well as looked at the kiosk whenever I could. I also ordered a case extra
of fish a day to keep me in feed.
Finally, the guy showed up. I happened to be on a break and saw him open
the machine. I was in the alleyway so he didn’t see me till I was on him.
I had him on the ground and hogtied before he really understood what was
going on.
I called in to the detective agency and told them I had him.

Follow up –
The police were contacted and provided with the video and the guy with
the keys to the machine. They were able to make the case and charge him.
They also began an education plan for the public about the machines. How
to see whether it was a valid ATM or not.


Shapeshifter Detective – Chimp


Sent: Monday, January 18, 2016 at 6:21 PM
match – vandalism to chimp

We’re fascinated by people who misuse tools or made objects. They are
hard to learn, let alone excel at. I guess we wonder how angry you have
to be to wreck such things?
Yet some people walk a fine line between making things pretty or social
commentary by something that, according to the law, is vandalism. We
ponder our involvement a lot. Especially when we come up against street
art by the likes of Banksy. Then it’s criminal to remove the art. But it
s still illegal isn’t it? Maybe they should be grateful it isn’t
literally poop?

Case History –
This one park was repeatedly trashed by a group of teens and rude, lewd
pictures and bad language were often posted on any surfaces found. But
the park was for little ones who really shouldn’t be exposed to these
things yet.

Surveillance –
We had trouble finding ways to hide the cameras and our presence often
deterred the youths from acting out. Finally one of the detectives
convinced their teenage son to infiltrate the group. They didn’t seem
dangerous, but a few of us stayed really close by and he wore a wire in
case he got into trouble.
He also wore glasses with a hidden camera in them.
It did take a bit of time for him to befriend the group, but he was an
engaging kid so he got there.
They built up to the rude stuff with just some siguls and pretty
pictures. Just to see if anything happened with a new member.
Then they laid on the rude work. Really dirty pix all done with spray
paint. It was funny, till we remembered little kids were showing up in a
few hours. We sent the video of them doing the deed to the closest cop
shop. The cars arrived before the kids could get away. Our detective’s
son was arrested as well, but we bailed him out quickly and had a chat
with the cops. He wasn’t charged.

Follow up –
The park stayed PG 13 after the raid. So we closed the case.


Shapeshifter Detective – dormaalocyon latouri

dormaalocyon latouri article-2535216-1A785B5B00000578-77_634x514

Sent: Monday, January 18, 2016 at 6:21 PM
Subject: Shapeshifter Detective – dormaalocyon latouri
match – cop on the take to the dormaalocyon latouri

Cops are supposed to help the people who have a challenge being
socialized into the world of today. They are to be part friend, part
social worker and all cop. Part investigator, part hero and part saviour,
part protector and part disciplinarian. Often life and death rode on them
making good judgements.
But what if the cop crosses the line into being a criminal themselves?
Who better to teach the miscreant than the common ancestor of the most
domesticated animals, cats and dogs? That’s where we come in.

Case History –
One of his colleagues had heard a lot of rumours, so they came to us to
validate them. I know, you’ve heard of the blue wall and didn’t think
another cop would ever do that to a colleague? Better us than IAD though,
right? The cop wanted to be sure…

Surveillance –
Our goal this time was to provide opportunity for this cop to make good
choices, so we offered situations where the clear choice was to not
accept a bribe. But the chance that he could get away with the bribe was
also clear. Of course we had to film everything and document the chain of
evidence. We were going up against the law after all. And anything
unclear would get us in trouble with people we often relied on in life
and death situations. Not just for us as well.
We had to develop a relationship with the cop so he could either trust
us, or discount our testimony if we reported him. Half the team worked
the trust angle. Half the team became society’s dregs so he would think
he could do as he would. Of course it took longer to work the trust
angle. It was also harder on those team members. They became his friends
and were rooting for him to do the right thing. The dregs’ team were
treated like crap by him, so they grew to dislike him, a lot!! A few were
offering free sex if he didn’t give them a ticket or charge them. He was
happy to accept those.
But eventually, both teams started reporting the chain of bribes and the
circumstances under which he would accept bribes. We developed the
profile and turned the evidence over to the police tribunal and the
mayor’s office. He was a rogue, not a good cop.
But just so we were fair, we checked out his personal life. If there was
a good reason(??) for this, then we would have offered rehab first. There
really wasn’t.

Follow up –
The cop was called up before the tribunal after IAD confirmed the
evidence and investigated as well.
He was charged with accepting bribes and suspended then discharged from
the police force.
His defense had been that he was entrapped. Um yeah…


Shapeshifter Detective – Dolphin


Sent: Monday, January 18, 2016 at 6:19
Subject: Shapeshifter Detective – Dolphin
match – pimp to dolphin

I was matched with the pimp because dolphins are known in the animal
world for their sexuality. We also travel in a way that is very similar
to prostitutes when they’re out on the prowl. Near enough to give a hand,
independent enough to give privacy.
There’s nothing wrong with sex. There’s nothing wrong with providing sex
as a service for lonely, socially inept people. Why did we get involved?
Because of the pimp…

Case history –
Near our offices, we kept seeing a lot of girls working the game who were
showing up with all kinds of bruises and even broken bones. So we started
asking questions. who was doing this?? John or pimp? We heard about this
one pimp who seemed to be more violent than a business man. How do you
damage something you intend to sell and expect to get top dollar? Yet the
slightest infraction caused him to blow up and beat the girls under his
Isn’t the pimp supposed to protect the girls?

Surveillance –
One of our kickass team offered to go take this guy down. She is an MMA
fighter in her human form. So if he tried it on, he was in for a surprise.
She was also a really hot woman and he would salivate over her.
And he did.
She was a saucy minx too and she set out to make his dander stand up. Yes
on purpose.
It didn’t take long for him to get upset with her. And she gave him his
surprise, all on camera of course. The police were given the tape and he
was picked up. (from the hospital of course 😉 😉 )

Follow up –
It seems our first lesson was insufficient, so another well skilled
operative is going to give him lesson number two…


Shapeshifter Detective – Rabbit

rabbit-1-yr-518ab49a0736cSent: Monday, January 18, 2016 at 6:19
Subject: Shapeshifter Detective – Rabbit
Match – diddler doctor to rabbit

I was chosen because the doctor is a fertility specialist and rabbits are
known for fertility. I applied to be a donor for eggs. I would certainly
feel bad for women who need help having babies.

Case History –
We started hearing rumours about the doctor, since his offices are down
the street from our agency. So we approached some patients who might fit
his target group. We found pictures of ex girlfriends and his wife and
looked for a similar type. We then interviewed them for their opinion on
the doctor. Finally we found some who confided that he had in fact
molested them beyond what touch was necessary for an exam. We taped our

Surveillance –
I was accepted to the donor program and was given an appointment to
harvest my eggs. The procedure went well and nothing untoward happened
during it. He did suggest I return for further donations. I asked if I
could volunteer in his offices in some capacity. He agreed that I could
work in the reception area. I would start by answering phones and being
an errand girl.
I now had access to the office and permission to be there. As soon as
they trusted me with the keys, I planted some cameras where we would be
able to see any exams or consultations. We destroyed any tapes that were
Sadly there came a day… He numbed her genitals and fingered her while
he rubbed his penis against the table she was on until he came. We had

Follow up –
We handed over a copy of the tape to the police and his license review
panel. In due time, we read that his license had been stripped from him
and he had been barred from practicing medicine. The police were still
processing charges. But with the bar, we had completed our goals.