Monte Verde – the village that changed the way we think

They say there were 20-30 people there. Yet that small a place has disrupted the experts’ thinking in a way that has changed everything about what they thought previously. It was what they call in sports, an upset.

The village has changed the time line for the occupation of the Americas. By a few centuries. Which makes them wonder, how did these people get there if they weren’t traveling with the tribes from South-East Asia who crossed the Beringia Pass when it was ice? And who are they?

And a lot of their surprise came about because of a spear head. Such a little thing caused such a furor.

To top that off, it is one of the earliest (if not earliest) examples of civilization in the entire world. In a way too that the biggest cities that exist now cannot seem to reach. Let alone manage. Maybe it was the size… But it was an example of an egalitarian society. (Yet people keep insisting to me that only in utopia can that occur. Hmmmm) Nobody was in charge, no man or woman was of lesser importance. Like I said it could be the size… After all when you need all hands on deck, they all get treated well. They all get valued. Each person does their best thing for the good of the village. Or you die. So the stakes were high. Maybe that is the only way we can have a true meritocracy.

When everything around you is fighting to take your life, you stand back to back, arm in arm, and fight together. You don’t waste time, or energy, fighting each other. Or you die. And somehow these 20-30 people managed to get there and survive against all odds and work cooperatively to do so.

Myth or fact? Fact. Yet it seems impossible doesn’t it?

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