By Wire and Pixels – The New Silk Road

The internet began as a place for the military to communicate with each other across sea and continent. And for reporters and artists to get their craft across seas and from behind totalitarian regimes to a place where the truth could be told instead of the hog wash told in the name of politics and money.
The video games were what helped the military practice hand to eye coordination and what helped them distance themselves from kill shots.
Slowly the secret leaked out and the internet opened up. First as a place of sin and corruption then taken over by business and leisure. And then finally education crept back into the internet.
The internet began to split into two realms. The day light version where the law was mostly abided by and the dark net. Where people could find everything they desired. Where bitcoin ruled and hackers reigned supreme.
Where greed and obsession tore at the souls of those who even knew of it’s existence. Curiousity lured many there and few came back unscathed.
Would you be found in the discussion forums called Darknet Avengers or The HUB?
Would you be found trading illicit goods in one of the major trading posts?
Would you be trying to jimmy all the back doors of power and politics?
Would you be deep in the crimes of humanity or serving their obsessions so you could profit?

Today, it’s not just the nerd or criminal who vie with the military and artist for net space. Now most children know how to traverse the internet better than their parents ever will by the time they are 5 yrs old.


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