By Land or Sea – The Old Silk Road

You may have heard of the Silk Road before but may not know much about it or it’s influence on our modern culture. It went beyond a trade route and I want to tell you about it for that reason.

There are some conflicts as to where and when the route was and even the maps disagree depending on the source. So this is the variance and I’ll let you decide which you believe.
Most agree that the Silk Road was begun by the Chinese for two reasons.
They were getting a lot of bandits/robbers who interfered with their silk traders.
They had trouble getting goods across the Gobi desert safely. The proof of this is the mummified bodies found there, in varying degrees of decomposition. The theory is that the bodies that survived the best died during cold temperatures. Horse travel was even unsafe so they imported camels from Africa to make the trip plausible and this did in fact succeed.

Most agree that the Silk Road was begun @ 1000-2000 BC and lasted till the early 20th Century. It began by land and when boats were safer travel there were sea routes thru the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. The stories of Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus looking for spices becomes relevant here.

Most agree that the Silk Road traveled from where Turkey is now to China thru the steppes of the Middle East and Asia. That it connected old cities and towns, some of which are still major centers of learning, politics and religion. Some are now ruins and some have become necropolises.

Where it varies is that some extend the route:
A) Some say it went into the Mediterranean Sea and into Europe and the UK
1) some say it began in mainland Greece
2) some say it began in Italy, in Valentia or Rome
3) some say it went as far as Britain and France though

B ) Some say it went further beyond China and Java
1) some say it went to Japan and Australia and the small islands
2) some say it actually made it to Central and South America.
If you consider the myths told (prior to Columbus’ travels) of white warriors, priests and traders among people who had no previous contact with Europeans, it makes sense, doesn’t it?

Whatever you believe, the route connected some places that are still renowned for higher learning and advanced technology and similar archaeology and agricultural knowledge. Stuff they may not have gotten if the route didn’t reach as far as the extensions would make it. Stuff that was eerily similar if they had no previous contact. Or gods. demons and/or aliens were helping humanity out? If you consider the beliefs of the time, maybe even the ancestors were sticking around in spirit form to help out? That would have been really valid if you consider Chinese beliefs.

So what do you think?

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