A Silk Road Story – Zhi ren (Golden boy and jade girl)

The myth -When someone dies, the mourners burn a boy and girl paper doll as offerings to the dead. A dead person becomes their "Master" and the dolls do their bidding. They are meant for some evil purpose. To cause harm to some living person.

The story – After the funeral, the dolls met their new master and bowed before the angry spirit, asking what she might wish of them. She paused and said, "I want to terrorize the woman who made my childhood such a misery. My father’s second wife. I want you to make her worry about her sanity. I want you to berate her. I want her to feel unsafe, scared, and sad like I was made to feel at her hands. That is your purpose. "

The dolls were put into a box and gifted to the step mother in a package that was spelled so she could not refuse it or refuse to open it. When she did, she was enraptured by them and put them on her dresser, in her bedroom. There the dolls often took part in her dreams. Sometimes in quite fun ways and sometimes in scary or sad ways. The stepmother became quite distressed. She was however bound to the dolls, so she never even considered getting rid of them.

The dolls never gave the stepmother affection or love,just hard emotions and work. They berated her and humiliated her in her dreams. It became harder and harder for her to sleep. She lost weight and found it harder to concentrate during the days. She broke down crying and couldn’t explain why she was distressed. People were beginning to wonder if she had lost her mind. Her family had discussions about what to do behind her back.

The angry spirit laughed, because this is what the stepmother had put her thru.

The boy doll was compelled to seduce the stepmother in her dreams. He put her thru sexual activities that she had never been part of and teased her until she woke to wet sheets and had no way of stopping herself from masturbating. But she felt sick and often cried after these sessions.

The girl doll was compelled to beat the stepmother and she woke, confused and scared by the unexplained bruises on her body.

The angry spirit was pleased and called the dolls off the stepmother finally. She had done everything shy of take the stepmother’s life.

On the last night, the angry spirit appeared to the stepmother in her dreams and said to her clearly, "Now you have felt what I did at your hands. You refused me all a parent should give a child and worst of all didn’t protect me as a parent should have. You have felt what I did in your home." And she left the stepmother, taking the dolls with her.

The stepmother went to the temple and explained her experience to the monk who saw supplicants that day. He thoughtfully looked at this person he had been so mistaken about for so long. He asked her to leave the temple as it was a holy place. Someone as unclean as her needed to right herself before she could pray there again.

The stepmother walked sadly home as the temple had long been an important part of her life. All she knew was this had been a dream, but the dream had cost her all she valued. Just because she told the monk about it.

The angry spirit was well satisfied by the dolls’ handiwork.

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