A Silk Road Story – Nu gui

The myth – she was wronged, and/or sexually abused. So she killed herself. Her family buried her in a red dress so she could take vengeance. She returned as a spirit to suck the yang out of men and perhaps even kill them. Especially him.

The story – He had heard of the girl today. For a while he had forgotten about her, then today he heard she had killed herself… Silly chit. All he had done was taken her virginity. She didn’t have to get so emotional about it all. He hadn’t meant for her to die, but that was on her. Or so he thought, till he fell asleep.

He remembered the night he despoiled her. Scene by scene flashed thru his mind and he was getting aroused by the emotions he saw on both their faces. In his sleep, his hand went to his penis and he began stroking himself. Just as it got good and he could feel his juices rising, he was surprised by her face in a way he had never seen her face or any other’s for that matter. Larger than life, angrier than any woman had ever shown to him. And his juices tried to return to his sack. He liked seeing them afraid.

The spirit was right in his face… then she kissed him. Well, he thought it was a kiss anyway. Then something rose between them, like a string? Was that his spirit?? No. He was still alive, but damn he was getting really really tired!! So tired. Hey wasn’t he still sleeping? He tried to wake himself up, but the spirit had him and was not letting go.He was paralyzed!! He started to shudder like he was really cold. Was he dying?? It sure felt like he thought it would. Pain, fear, paralysis then death, right?

He felt himself slipping away, till suddenly she stopped. Oh thank the gods. And she left him laughing. He woke up in a start. Shaking. Then he calmed down and breathed a sigh of relief. It was just a dream he thought.

Till every time he went to have sex with a woman,he found that he couldn’t get an erection. Had the dream jinxed him?? He went to a monk known for his healing capabilities and heard an even worse tale from the man. His yang was gone?? The spirit had left him without, as revenge for his taking her innocence!! And there was no way to get it back. Till the day he died, he would have no yang.

He became more and more morose… until he got angry. Angrier than he had ever been in his life. And as he screamed he saw the spirit’s face for a second. She laughed.

He found her younger sister and caught her alone. But just as her sister was starting to panic, the spirit returned. She rose between them and lifted him high into the air. Then he dropped, like a free fall from a high rise. And just as he was about to hit the ground, his heart stopped beating. She had killed him to save her sister from her own fate.

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