Shapeshifter Detective – Wild Boar


Sent: Monday, January 18, 2016 at 6:22 PM
Subject: Shapeshifter Detective – Wild Boar
match – drug dealer to wild boar

I was assigned to this case because many people have a love/hate/fear
relationship with boars and my behaviour is much like the people the
dealer targets. Looking for ways to sleep/relax a lot of my day, maintain
my life and scrounge for food. And in mating season, to make out like sex
is everything to us. We ladies also stick close together to raise our
kids and maybe protection. We do have predators of our own after all. It
makes us worried, maybe more than necessary. I can’t imagine people
taking advantage of that to prey on their weaknesses. It’s horrendous to
me. So I took it personally.

Case history –
The dealer was observed by the agency’s receptionist. He was seen
accepting money and giving out small packages on several occasions. She
reported his activity to the team supervisor. We got him on video easily,
but wanted to catch just him and not his prey, so we proceeded to arrange
a buy.

Surveillance –
I approached him to make contact and gain his trust. He seemed interested
in me so I flirted and captured more than his business sense. Maybe being
his girlfriend would gain more information? I asked the agency’s manager
and she agreed to let me go under cover.
Pusher and I started hanging out and canoodling. It wasn’t quite mating
season, but my hormones were starting to flare up. Meanwhile I kept my
eyes open. I was introduced to his dealers and gave their names to the
head investigator. Another team member was assigned to each as we came
across them. If we had a gang we wanted them all taken down. One of the
other pushers actually led us to the gang leader finally and we provided
all the names and places known to the cops. Our agency investigators wee
the only pusher’s contacts shown to the cops.
So the cops had to do their own surveillance. But they had a very good
place to start so they were done quickly.

Follow up –
The media attention and the trial cause quite a stir in the community and
also quite a dry spell among those who were looking to score. Rehab
services wee available to help them dry out and mange their forced
sobriety. It only worked because it was a smaller community. There really
weren’t many alternatives but sobriety for them


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