Shapeshifter Detective – Sperm Whale

whale-mother-and-baby-201001-2397Sent: Monday, January 18, 2016 at 6:22 PM
Subject: Shapeshifter Detective – Sperm Whale
match – petty theft/fraud to sperm whale

I was invited into this case, because I am known to let the fishermen do
my fishing, then steal their work. Sounds perfect for a theft case right?

Case history –
Our target had some machines that he scattered around to collect credit
card information, so he could skim money out of their accounts. Low
enough amounts so only the most zealous observers would notice. There are
people like that. The new style of pick pocket, I guess. This guy may
have shot himself in the foot though. He spent the money at a sex toy
shop that most of the people would not frequent. So no they had not
forgotten the debit purchase.

Surveillance –
We knew where the machines were, so we just had to catch the guy with the
key. Observation.
There was a fishmonger who was looking for a trainee across the street,
so I got the job and set a camera up in the window, for when I didn’t
have eyes on the kiosk. I checked the feed every hour on the hour, as
well as looked at the kiosk whenever I could. I also ordered a case extra
of fish a day to keep me in feed.
Finally, the guy showed up. I happened to be on a break and saw him open
the machine. I was in the alleyway so he didn’t see me till I was on him.
I had him on the ground and hogtied before he really understood what was
going on.
I called in to the detective agency and told them I had him.

Follow up –
The police were contacted and provided with the video and the guy with
the keys to the machine. They were able to make the case and charge him.
They also began an education plan for the public about the machines. How
to see whether it was a valid ATM or not.



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