Shapeshifter Detective – Rabbit

rabbit-1-yr-518ab49a0736cSent: Monday, January 18, 2016 at 6:19
Subject: Shapeshifter Detective – Rabbit
Match – diddler doctor to rabbit

I was chosen because the doctor is a fertility specialist and rabbits are
known for fertility. I applied to be a donor for eggs. I would certainly
feel bad for women who need help having babies.

Case History –
We started hearing rumours about the doctor, since his offices are down
the street from our agency. So we approached some patients who might fit
his target group. We found pictures of ex girlfriends and his wife and
looked for a similar type. We then interviewed them for their opinion on
the doctor. Finally we found some who confided that he had in fact
molested them beyond what touch was necessary for an exam. We taped our

Surveillance –
I was accepted to the donor program and was given an appointment to
harvest my eggs. The procedure went well and nothing untoward happened
during it. He did suggest I return for further donations. I asked if I
could volunteer in his offices in some capacity. He agreed that I could
work in the reception area. I would start by answering phones and being
an errand girl.
I now had access to the office and permission to be there. As soon as
they trusted me with the keys, I planted some cameras where we would be
able to see any exams or consultations. We destroyed any tapes that were
Sadly there came a day… He numbed her genitals and fingered her while
he rubbed his penis against the table she was on until he came. We had

Follow up –
We handed over a copy of the tape to the police and his license review
panel. In due time, we read that his license had been stripped from him
and he had been barred from practicing medicine. The police were still
processing charges. But with the bar, we had completed our goals.



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