Shapeshifter Detective – Parrot


Sent: Monday, January 18, 2016 at 6:23 PM
Subject: Shapeshifter Detective – Parrot
match – blackmailer to parrot

Someone was threatening to talk about someone’s personal life and my ears
perked up. Bwak!! Well that and what they wanted was jewels. I see in
colour and I love to talk. Bwak!! Ok I’ll get serious now.

Case History –
The client was a jeweler who was being blackmailed by a guy who had
managed to get pictures of the jeweler and his girlfriend. Wouldn’t be a
huge problem, except the jeweler was married. And he was asking a lot
too. So which bad guy do we go after? Well if the wife had come in, there
would be no question.
The jeweler was sure the guy would ask for more, so he came to us to
manage the case. He also had a suggestion of using fake jewels. He had
pretty good stuff, but I could tell the difference when the fake was put
beside the jewel. So it all depended on what the bad guy knew.
And how fast he wanted to sell them. And how many people he was doing the
same thing to. The jeweler had to know that or he would be the only one
giving fake jewels and that would get the bad guy pissed off.

Surveillance –
The first thing we had to know was how many people the bad guy was
blackmailing. So we followed him and started putting people into his
watering holes. Especially his local bar. Guys in their cups talk. Even
if they are criminals. Stupid, but they do.
We also had to find out what he knew about jewels. So work history,
schooling, hobbies…
And we had to find out who his associates were. Especially who would be
fencing the jewels. There had to be someone, because nobody walked around
with loose jewels to sell. Or even pawn really.
Well, the idea of the fake jewels might work. It seems the guy had a few
cheating spouses on the hook. The agency almost backed away, but cheaters
they were and yet he was the criminal. He was breaking the law.
As soon as we had the fence, we put the sting into place. The jeweler
paid the guy on a week when a few were paying so no one would know which
came from where. Hopefully.
Everything went through without a hitch, All taped too.
The back plan was that if they came back for more, the videos would be
turned over to the cops.

Follow up –
The bad guy came back for more money, so we took the videos to a cop
friend who had worked with us before on discrete cases. He watched the
fence and the bad guy and caught them exchanging the goods when an
undercover cop was their target. Busted!!

(the end of the series – Hope you enjoyed it 🙂 )



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