Shapeshifter Detective – Elephant


Sent: Monday, January 18, 2016 at 6:19 PM
Subject: Shapeshifter Detective – Elephant
match – child kidnapping and an elephant

Elephants are very community parenting oriented. The females work
together to raise the young. They call the other females allomothers as a
result. “It takes a village”. A child would never go missing in the
elephant world as a result. That’s why I had to do this type of job. It
offends me when mom often has sole charge and someone takes advantage.
Why doesn’t humanity have allomother cultures anymore? I hear they used
We have to go through 22 month pregnancies, so ain’t NO way someone is
taking our baby!!

Case history –
As soon as the agency was notified of the missing child, we put out our
own alert. The herd went racing to the area and I picked up the trail of
the child. It had been a few days though so we needed to do a lot of
looking first. Reduce the search area. Grid search. But finally, I had a
good scent.
It seems a woman had just lost a baby and decided to help herself to
someone else’s. She had no intention of harm on her scent. She was caring
for the baby and moving around to avoid human detection. If it weren’t
for us…

Surveillance –
When we found her latest hidey hole, we closed in and watched her habits.
It seems she had contacted her “perfect father” and had convinced him the
child was his. So he came over to investigate for himself. He became
involved. We caught on to their schedule quickly as the baby was the ring
leader in who slept when of course. And she was fussy from missing her
real mom. They really do know.
So when fake mom and dad slept, we stole the baby and left him a gift
that let him off the hook. We also called the police when the baby was in
our hands and we were heading back to mom and dad. One of the herd stayed
with fake parents till the police got there. The cops walked in on the
couple having sex when they woke up. She had just supposedly given birth
so it was him getting oral.

Follow up –
Fake mom had been committed to a hospital for an evaluation, pending
trial. The cops verified fake dad had no part in the kidnapping and had
been duped. Luckily he had proof of that.
Real parents were thrilled to have baby back and setting up better
protection and support systems for mom.



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