Shapeshifter Detective – dormaalocyon latouri

dormaalocyon latouri article-2535216-1A785B5B00000578-77_634x514

Sent: Monday, January 18, 2016 at 6:21 PM
Subject: Shapeshifter Detective – dormaalocyon latouri
match – cop on the take to the dormaalocyon latouri

Cops are supposed to help the people who have a challenge being
socialized into the world of today. They are to be part friend, part
social worker and all cop. Part investigator, part hero and part saviour,
part protector and part disciplinarian. Often life and death rode on them
making good judgements.
But what if the cop crosses the line into being a criminal themselves?
Who better to teach the miscreant than the common ancestor of the most
domesticated animals, cats and dogs? That’s where we come in.

Case History –
One of his colleagues had heard a lot of rumours, so they came to us to
validate them. I know, you’ve heard of the blue wall and didn’t think
another cop would ever do that to a colleague? Better us than IAD though,
right? The cop wanted to be sure…

Surveillance –
Our goal this time was to provide opportunity for this cop to make good
choices, so we offered situations where the clear choice was to not
accept a bribe. But the chance that he could get away with the bribe was
also clear. Of course we had to film everything and document the chain of
evidence. We were going up against the law after all. And anything
unclear would get us in trouble with people we often relied on in life
and death situations. Not just for us as well.
We had to develop a relationship with the cop so he could either trust
us, or discount our testimony if we reported him. Half the team worked
the trust angle. Half the team became society’s dregs so he would think
he could do as he would. Of course it took longer to work the trust
angle. It was also harder on those team members. They became his friends
and were rooting for him to do the right thing. The dregs’ team were
treated like crap by him, so they grew to dislike him, a lot!! A few were
offering free sex if he didn’t give them a ticket or charge them. He was
happy to accept those.
But eventually, both teams started reporting the chain of bribes and the
circumstances under which he would accept bribes. We developed the
profile and turned the evidence over to the police tribunal and the
mayor’s office. He was a rogue, not a good cop.
But just so we were fair, we checked out his personal life. If there was
a good reason(??) for this, then we would have offered rehab first. There
really wasn’t.

Follow up –
The cop was called up before the tribunal after IAD confirmed the
evidence and investigated as well.
He was charged with accepting bribes and suspended then discharged from
the police force.
His defense had been that he was entrapped. Um yeah…



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