Shapeshifter Detective – Chimp


Sent: Monday, January 18, 2016 at 6:21 PM
match – vandalism to chimp

We’re fascinated by people who misuse tools or made objects. They are
hard to learn, let alone excel at. I guess we wonder how angry you have
to be to wreck such things?
Yet some people walk a fine line between making things pretty or social
commentary by something that, according to the law, is vandalism. We
ponder our involvement a lot. Especially when we come up against street
art by the likes of Banksy. Then it’s criminal to remove the art. But it
s still illegal isn’t it? Maybe they should be grateful it isn’t
literally poop?

Case History –
This one park was repeatedly trashed by a group of teens and rude, lewd
pictures and bad language were often posted on any surfaces found. But
the park was for little ones who really shouldn’t be exposed to these
things yet.

Surveillance –
We had trouble finding ways to hide the cameras and our presence often
deterred the youths from acting out. Finally one of the detectives
convinced their teenage son to infiltrate the group. They didn’t seem
dangerous, but a few of us stayed really close by and he wore a wire in
case he got into trouble.
He also wore glasses with a hidden camera in them.
It did take a bit of time for him to befriend the group, but he was an
engaging kid so he got there.
They built up to the rude stuff with just some siguls and pretty
pictures. Just to see if anything happened with a new member.
Then they laid on the rude work. Really dirty pix all done with spray
paint. It was funny, till we remembered little kids were showing up in a
few hours. We sent the video of them doing the deed to the closest cop
shop. The cars arrived before the kids could get away. Our detective’s
son was arrested as well, but we bailed him out quickly and had a chat
with the cops. He wasn’t charged.

Follow up –
The park stayed PG 13 after the raid. So we closed the case.



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