Shapeshifter Detective – Cape Buffalo

Cape-Buffalo-and-Baby-2007Sent: Monday, January 18, 2016 at 6:16 PM
Subject: Shapeshifter Detective – Cape Buffalo
Match – beater to cape buffalo

I was sent in because, next to humans, the cape buffalo is the world’s
most aggressive animal. I guess it was in case things went bad. Even cops
are killed by domestic violence every year. And then there is the

Case history –
The family called in because they were worried about the bruises they
kept seeing on the wife. They didn’t want to make unfounded allegations,
so they called our agency.

Surveillance –
For a few weeks, I tried to find corroborating evidence that violence was
going on. The neighbours said they were a lovely couple and the children
were well behaved. They wondered why I was around. I said they might be
inheriting money. I asked about parties, loud noise, did they keep their
jobs… Stuff that showed character and possibly linked heavy drug or
alcohol use. That is when it’s known to occur after all.
Sure they had parties, but who didn’t was the response. They usually
invited the hood and made it a blast so no one complained. I asked when
the next event was. Finally it arrived.
I hung around after everyone else had left and there it was. Only not
what the family thought. If the wife got bruises it was because she was
hurting her husband and not getting hurt by him. I made sure my video got
the entire event. Just as the assault was wrapping up, she started to cry
and hug him. Claimed she was sorry and all. Begged him not to leave her.
Seduced him with a blow job and then rode him like a stallion . When they
were done, he wanted to know why that was the only time he got a blow
job. She didn’t answer. She just passed out. Leaving him to attend to his
wounds. Scratches, bruises and a bloody nose this time.
I left and dropped the video off to a police officer friend of mine to

Follow up –
The wife was charged by the police. It seems they did a record search at
the hospital to validate the video. The husband often had bruised kidneys
and had a broken nose a time or two. He said he boxed, but the police
couldn’t find anyone who could corroborate that story. The wife is due
before the judge any day now. I’ve been subpoenaed.



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