Shapeshifter Detective – Albatross

albatrosssouth_georgia_(c)_rinie_van_meurs_2Sent: Monday, January 18, 2016 at 6:15 PM
Subject: Shapeshifter Detective – Albatross
Match – cheater to albatross

I was sent in for two reasons.
The albatross is known for being very close to humans in what they think
romance and dating are. We grow up, then date around, then settle down
and “marry” our one.
We also have a very powerful and large wingspan of 11 feet. It takes a
small flip to move quite a distance. Our target was spending a lot of
time in isolated places no human agent could follow him to. So I did.

Case History –
The couple had been married for 10 years and the wife was convinced her
husband was cheating. He had changed his wardrobe, his cologne, his
hairstyle and seemed to pick up new tricks between the sheets. Yep likely
was. So we asked her if she was sure she really wanted to know? She
paused, then nodded.

Surveillance –
He met his “friend” and they wandered down the beach toward an isolated
area where some really cool caves were.. I often went into them for a nap
myself. Especially in the summer.
Sometimes they sat and talked, sometimes they just cuddled and kissed,
but sometimes they had sex.
They were duo-typal in their style and when they were immersed, I got
some really intimate shots. I had a special sack I could carry as a bird
or human. Sometimes they fucked against the wall, fast and dirty. And
sometimes they were all about the foreplay. She brought a bag of toys and
used them on him. Dildos, vibes, floggers, buzzers, candles, firecups.
And he was really into them. I had no idea how his wife didn’t know for
sure. He was marked up at the end of a session.
So I showed the wife the pictures. She went through all the emotions.
Shock, anger, sadness, guilt… I tried to comfort her but she was having
none of it. So I let her vent.
Then an odd expression came on her face. She asked me why he didn’t ask
her if he wanted these experiences. How could I answer that?

Follow up interview –
The wife was difficult to reach at first. But when we finally did, she
told us they were trying to work things out. They had brought his
interests into their bedroom activities, sooner than split their family
asunder. And the other woman was discharged.



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