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CNC Aspects

  • October 24, 2015

CNC Aspects –

consentual non-consent –

You have agreed to play in a way that is lest scripted. You can negotiate and can also use safe words. You can also choose not to.

Examples of CNC are:

take down and capture – where you chase/hunt and hold/imprison someone "against their will".

primal play, rough sex, bdsm – where the sex is aggressive to say the least. You will most likely be bruised and bloodied. You will be sore and upset. Your buttons of fear, humiliation and rage will be pushed and so will your partner’s. You may cry and scream (likely). To anyone else it would seem like assault, rape and attempted murder.

If you trust the partner you have chosen to play with then all will be well, bar healing time. If you don’t then why are you playing this with them? You shouldn’t be.

You can choose safer options like using body restraints, holds and blocks instead of aggression or punches, slaps and kicks. You can have something like an MMA fight, wrestling or boxing,. Where your moves are pretty well blocked out. Or you can go dirty, street and be all about passion and impulse.

You can also use bonds such as rope and chains.

As you can see, there is a good degree of variance and you need to be sure where you feel comfortable and where your lines and theirs are.

IMO it’s a game for people who know and trust each other. For experienced players, but YMMV

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