Real Domination

Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 2015
Subject: Real Domination


I’m not trying to say that I’m a twue domme but…
couples slap and tickle, tie each other up during sex and one takes the lead in the relationship. They role play.
Some people are way into fetish wear and go to the parties and dungeons to play.
Some people are risk takers and bdsm is the avenue of that.
Some people take the web to a whole new level.
Hey I’ve done all that too.

But I wonder when it’s a toy, if those who stay there understand that what they are doing is just the beginning of the journey.
BDSM isn’t just a fetish, a toy or a game. It’s who you are.
Therefore if I say I’m a domme, then it pervades my life, colours how I decide things and present myself. (I don’t mean lil Miss bossie boots or Sir domly dom either ). I mean I have to find ways to lead in life, to control myself and I think that’s far more about seduction than it will ever be about force, manipulation or coercion. To me it’s a dance between two people. It’s not about my titillation. If they aren’t satisfied, then neither am I. It’s about OUR growth and relationship.

So I wonder how can you tell the pretenders from people who breathe domination? Because they have to not cuzz it feels good today?

I think the difference lies in self control. If you get that, you are really on the journey to being a dominant. I have a vision for my life and I am working on that. Before I play a bit.

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