Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 2015 at 5:30 PM

My bf is a bit insecure. So I cater to that a bit. We have rules about what we can and can’t do as a couple and as individuals. If either of us break them knowing the consequences who’s fault is it? Not the one who is insecure, but the one who exceeded the rules is.
We’re both allowed to flirt on line and watch all the kinky stuff we want as long as we talk about the issues raised. As long as we are working on us. We can live with that. Smile I can live with that. I know in time he will grow to trust my word. And he has improved also. Vastly.
Let’s pick another issue a lot of couples fight about. Lying.
If I were to tell my bf something untrue, it had better be for a very good reason. I mean life or death. He would walk out on me otherwise. There would be no return, no working it out.
I think you can begin to guess what his past relationship issues were. Tongue
I don’t mind watching my P’s and Q’s, cuzz I think he’s worth it. Smile
To the insanity part. If I were to cross over his line in the sand, I would not expect him to move the line. I had plenty of warning. There’s been huge discussion. I knew what I was getting into. (shrug)
I also have lines where he’d be a fool to go over. And we deal with that too. We both get and we both give. That’s an adult relationship. A contract if you will.
So I get surprised when I hear other people say they crossed over their SO’s line and expect to get that trust and unconditional love back. Umm no, it’s not going to happen. Things will never be the same again and guess who’s fault that is… the person who’s toe went over the line’s Unhappy
Do you agree?

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