If I Were to Domme You

Sent: Tuesday, December 01, 2015 at 7:02 PM
Subject: Fw: If I Were to Domme You

1) First of all we’d be friends and build our trust and liking for each other before we’d do anything.
2) You would show me that you can listen, are trustworthy and are consistent in your contact with me. This means a LOT of time and attention.
3) I don’t “top for scenes”. I’m busy so if you want me it’s for a relationship, not the occasional play event. If I invest the energy, I expect a commitment.
It also has a strong sexual element for me, so I don’t do it with anyone who asks. In fact asking me is likely to get a no. I prefer to ask. I ask when you have shown me the first two without asking.
4) I want to see your resume, the service skills you have learned. I want to see who introduced us. I only go hand to hand.
5) I like sparring with a partner, and I like a strong sub. What I do NOT like is competition for my authority. I do NOT like a struggle esp an endless one. I don’t mind work at all. But what work I am willing to do is my call and not yours.
6) I want an experienced sub. I’m not interested in newbies, sorry. I want the work done on your identity and what you have to offer a dominant. I want you sure you can and will submit. SO my expectations will be that you will give me your word and do what you agreed to do. No hassles. No on and off, you do it or you leave. I will consider our agreement to be broken by you.
7) I am looking for a mesh or a good “FIT” of what we are into. It doesn’t mean we have everything in common but service and sensuality/mental work are key. The stuff within that we will negotiate.
8) I like a lot of different body types so that isn’t as likely to be a problem as your age is. I want someone who has lived through a lot of the same experiences I have. I want to short-list the explanations I would have to give. I want our ethos to be the same/similar and for me to see how you arrive at your POVs. Without a lot of explanation.
9) I want someone who believes in something outside of this world and it’s daily rat races. I’m strongly into nature based beliefs for example.
10) I want us to be a good team. YIN and YANG. I don’t want to be challenged. I want a complimentary partner.

I have yet to go offline with a sub from the web. If you even fantasize about me domming you, then work on 1 & 2. The answer to will you domme me is no.


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