Dominants beware!!

Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 2015 at 7:39 PM
Subject: Dominants beware!!

The Peach feels a rant blog coming on. Clear the path!!

Ok I am a dominant too. Yes there are female dominants. Yes I have done my sub days and If I had liked that/been that I would have remained so, but it’s not who I am. Yes I do know. Yes for sure!! No really.
So what makes you think that beyond the courtesy I show every human being till they prove they don’t deserve it. Or the flirt I show most men and some women. That I am serving you and your needs? That I will submit because you are the perfect dom for me I just have to realize it? Really? Arrogant puppy!!
And what makes you think you can change me? I mean how likely (at 50) is it that I don’t know who I am or will change it just for you? I mean I’m not in my early 20’s or late teens. Am I?
No that’s not me being disrespectful or brash. It’s me knowing who I am despite your best domly attempts to change me.
I’m curious why you think you can change me? Aren’t your subs/slaves enough for you? Do you have to change every woman you come in contact with? Do we all have to bow and scrape to your lordly domliness? Do we all have to be your poly wives? Unless you aren’t into us? To get treated with respect? Pffffft ffs. Not likely and sure not from me.
No it wouldn’t happen if I looked at your adorable face and felt your whip. (If you whipped me I’d charge you with assault, I wouldn’t submit at all. Yes I do know that!! Again, arrogant puppy)
Wow dude you need a reality check. I don’t do power struggles with even my subs. So why would I with you? Some guy from nowhere who means nothing to me? Nehh we’re not going there. lol Slink off cuzz this domme is not your newest sub. (blegh)

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