do you still wanna have sex?

Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 2015
Subject: do you still wanna have sex?

so your eyes meet: no wait back up there did you ask if you could look? Shocked
I know consent is a serious subject and maybe we shouldn’t laugh about it, but sometimes it goes a bit far don’t you think?
ok so you want to have sex (after the eyes meeting thing)
so you sit down and write up the terms proving that you have had a six month separation between STD checks and signing a form saying/swearing that you have been chaste between them.
Then you sit and chat about your needs, fantasies,hard limits and expectations for the sex and the relationship, then write it up for the lawyers to toss at you as they laugh. For the cops to use against you if charges are filed as proof of intent. And for toilet paper to use as you spend time in a prison cell, after Bubba or Bubbette has their way with you, doing all the things you said you would never…

And that’s supposing you both told the absolute truth Shocked, and that you are both legally able to give consent Tongue (seriously wouldn’t masturbating be easier?? AngryAngry ). AND, yes I said and, things all went along great and good for you both neither has regrets. Unhappy No one had anyone to answer to or anything to hide so they didn’t have to throw you under the bus Shocked

Erp do you still wanna have sex? ShockedTongue


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